Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tolerance Awareness Tuesday

Peace of Mind Leads to Love

Only when a person has peace of mind can he really feel love for humanity. Lack of peace of mind leads to animosity towards others.

Peace of mind leads to love. Only if a person has peace of mind will he be able to pass the test of dealing properly with other people. He will be able to kindhearted to everyone.

His peace of mind will enable him to tolerate others and be patient with them.

(see Daas Chochmah Umussar, vol.2, p.203; Mussar Hatorah, p.10;Gateway to Happiness, p.73)

Thanks to Grand Lodge Education Officer Ed Halpaus for passing this quote on to me. It reminds us that it is easier to be intolerant with others if we are dissatisfied with our own lives. If we have peace in our souls, and thank the Great Architect for the many blessings we have received, we will naturally be happier and more content.

Tolerance means we must tolerate ourselves first!