Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Patty and I traveled to Evergreen Lodge in Clyde last night for their annual Strawberry Festival. It was a long ride, but well worth it!

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Worshipful Master Dale Pierce, who along with his son, Adam, are the third and fourth generations to serve as Master of Evergreen Lodge. Wow!

Brothers and guests from Evergreen Lodge, plus many other lodges (including a very nice contingent from Mystic Star Lodge in Rushford) were in attendance to hear a very interesting program about the Honors Flight (taking World War veterans to Washington D.C. to tour the WWII Memorial) from Rochester in May. It is so nice to hear from veterans and "guardians" who made the flight and without exception thought it was a wonderful experience.

Former Senator, World War II Veteran and Brother Bob Dole greeted the flight, and shook every Minnesota veteran's hand as he exited the plane.

Shown in the photo on the right is Brother Norman House, who was made a Mason before I was born! ("I'm 95, going on 96!") I'm told that Brother Norm was a terrific ritualist.

Attending functions like these are what makes the position of Grand Master so very rewarding. Thank you, brothers of Evergreen Lodge, and all Minnesota Masons for your continued warm welcomes!