Friday, June 12, 2009

Father's Day Preview

I was invited to the Eastern Star dinner last night at Minnetonka Chapter in Mound, and had a great time. The photo shows the OES members in attendance, including Worthy Matron Dee Schwalbe, Worthy Patron Vern Schwalbe and Worshipful Master Dean Dorholt of Mound Lodge.

The theme for the evening was honoring fathers. It reminded me of a story I heard recently that I wish I had said, as it is exactly how I feel about my children:

A new grandfather was visiting his son and new grandson for the first time. As his son held his grandson, the man asked, "Do you love your son?" The son replied, "I never knew I could love a person, or anything, in the way I love my son."

The grandfather replied, "Always remember, when you think about how much you love your son, that's how much I love you."