Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update from the Biennial Session, Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite

At yesterday's session, Sovereign Grand Commander Ronald Seale announced that a new, annotated version of Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma has been prepared, and will be available within the next several months. For those who are Masonic scholars, and for those (like me) who have never read Morals and Dogma, this is great news. It is just one more example of the commitment by the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction to provide additional light in Masonry by expanding its educational resources.

The Master Craftsman program has been tweaked a bit and has been a great way for Masons to expand their knowledge of our Craft. A Master Craftsman II has also been added for those brothers who have completed the basic program and wish to continue their study of Scottish Rite Masonry.

Patty and I had the pleasure of touring the House of the Temple yesterday. It is humbling to see Albert Pike's Library, as well as the museum for American Freemasonry and the other impressive exhibits on display.