Thursday, October 8, 2009

Greetings from Dan Brown

At the Grand Commander’s Ball at the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Biennial Conference, each of the attendees received a copy of a letter from Dan Brown. I was so impressed with the message that I am reproducing it here in full:

October 6, 2009

Guests of the Southern Jurisdiction,

It is my great honor to be invited to greet you via this letter. I had hoped I might be able to join you in person tonight, but the launch of my novel The Last Symbol has me far from Washington.

In the past few weeks, as you might imagine, I have been repeatedly asked what attracted me to the Masons so strongly as to make it a central point of my new book. My reply is always the same: “In a world where men do battle over whose definition of God is most accurate, I cannot adequately express the deep respect and admiration I feel toward an organization in which men of differing faiths are able to ‘break bread together’ in a bond of brotherhood, friendship, and camaraderie.”

Please accept my humble thanks for the noble example you set for humankind. It is my sincere hope that the Masonic community recognizes The Lost Symbol for w\hat it truly is … an earnest attempt to reverentially explore the history and beauty of Masonic Philosophy.

Yours sincerely,

/s/ Dan Brown

Thank you, Mr. Brown. A Brother could not have expressed it better.